What's the crack?

I am a co-host of the podcast ‘What’s the Crack?’, along with drug and addiction researchers Rob Calder and Dr Lindsey Hines.

What’s the Crack is a bi-monthly podcast aimed at a non-specialist audience with an interest in drugs, addiction, mental health and drug policy.

Our podcast was created from the increasing frustration we had from news stories misrepresenting our field. We felt that the media only provided a quick overview or a stigmatizing viewpoint of drugs and drug addiction. Drugs and addiction are complex topics and intersect physical health, mental health, social issues, society, criminal justice and the individual. Our podcast aims to add these layers to hot topics in the media. What’s the Crack explores the headlines and brings the research from academia to the public.

What’s the Crack has covered topics such as cannabis legalization, the darknet, drug use in films, human enhancement drugs, drug consumption rooms, and much more.

Listen to our trailer below and if you want to hear more, check us out on Acast or iTunes!

Twitter: @WhattheCrackPod